Romantic cottage in Mecsek Hills, Hungary

Ungari - Baranya - Magyaregregy

Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Charming cottage in village - national park Mecsek
Charming cottage in village - national park Mecsek
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Two comfortable twin-sized beds
Two comfortable twin-sized beds
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,1 comfortable kingsized bed
1 comfortable kingsized bed
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Backyard taken care of by gardener.
Backyard taken care of by gardener.
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Picknick table in 17th century barn on site.
Picknick table in 17th century barn on site.
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Heritage style bathroom and luxury walk-in shower
Heritage style bathroom and luxury walk-in shower
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Kitchen, stove, fridge, Senseo Coffee, Watercooker
Kitchen, stove, fridge, Senseo Coffee, Watercooker
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Surrounding hills for hiking, biking, 4 x 4.
Surrounding hills for hiking, biking, 4 x 4.
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Great 4 x 4 greenlaning
Great 4 x 4 greenlaning
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,4 x 4 excursion (from camping)
4 x 4 excursion (from camping)
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Lively folklore tradition (In Pecs and village)
Lively folklore tradition (In Pecs and village)
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Hello from Magyaregregy, we are opposite church
Hello from Magyaregregy, we are opposite church
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Great hiking routes (we provide map)
Great hiking routes (we provide map)
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Village view.
Village view.
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,The wines of the Villány Wine Region are excellent
The wines of the Villány Wine Region are excellent
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Hiking in Mecsek.
Hiking in Mecsek.
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Tulips in garden (we have gardener, so just enjoy!
Tulips in garden (we have gardener, so just enjoy!
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Swimming in village or at Sikonda Wellness Area.
Swimming in village or at Sikonda Wellness Area.
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Home grown and home made apple sauce.
Home grown and home made apple sauce.
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Goulash!
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Great local food.
Great local food.
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Halassi in Villainy Wine Region (1 hour away)
Halassi in Villainy Wine Region (1 hour away)
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Budapest
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Budapest
Koduvahetuse riik,Hungary,Magyaregregy,Traditional dancing kept alive.
Traditional dancing kept alive.
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Discover the Charm of Southern Transdanubia: A Thatched Cottage Exchange in Magyaregregy

Nestled in the heart of the Mecsek Hills, in the quaint village of Magyaregregy, our enchanting cottage awaits to offer you a serene escape amidst the beauty of Southern Transdanubia, Hungary. With its traditional thatched roof and an elegant, long colonnaded portico, this cottage is a gateway to experiencing the timeless allure of the Hungarian countryside.

Location Highlights:
Our cottage is perfectly situated to explore the Mecsek Hills, a picturesque collection of hills and valleys adorned with charming villages and the occasional serene lake, located just north of Pécs, the cultural capital of Europe in 2010. This region is a treasure trove for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat in a culturally rich area. Moreover, its strategic location offers the opportunity to easily visit Budapest and Lake Balaton for day trips, providing a perfect blend of rural charm and the excitement of Hungary's most famous destinations.

Adventure and Relaxation:
The Mecsek Hills are an ideal playground for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a plethora of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and exploring the numerous hot springs and swimming pools in the area. Whether you're looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure or a soothing retreat into nature's embrace, our cottage serves as the perfect base for all your explorations.

Cottage Features:

Bedrooms: Two cozy bedrooms are designed to provide a comfortable night's sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to explore the scenic surroundings.
Bathroom: Includes all essentials with a toilet, offering modern conveniences in a rustic setting.
Backyard View: The cottage boasts a stunning view of the Mecsek Mountains from the backyard, where you can enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature right at your doorstep.
Garden Area: Our garden invites you to unwind, featuring a picnic table and numerous spots to relax, whether you're looking to enjoy a meal outdoors or simply soak in the tranquility of the area.
Fully Equipped Kitchen: Catering to your culinary needs, the kitchen is equipped with a stove (complete with oven), refrigerator, water kettle, and a Senseo coffee machine, making it easy to prepare meals just the way you like them.
Experience Magyaregregy:
By exchanging with our cottage, you're not just getting a place to stay; you're unlocking an experience. Enjoy the blend of tradition and comfort, explore the natural beauty of the Mecsek Hills, and immerse yourself in the calm and culture of Southern Transdanubia. With the added allure of nearby Budapest and Lake Balaton, plus the myriad of outdoor activities and relaxing hot springs, your stay promises a harmonious blend of adventure and relaxation.

Join us for an unforgettable exchange and discover the hidden gems of Hungary from the comfort of our traditional thatched cottage.

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All basic amenities are there (washing machine, refrigerator, fantastic bathroom and comfortable beds), and at the same time our farmhouse gives the sense of authenticity and locality of village life - like stepping back in time. Southern Transdanubia (Dél-Dunántúl) is a region of calm, a place to savour life at a slower pace. It has a pleasant, almost Mediterranean climate: spring arrives early and summer is long.

- Flea market Pécs every Sunday (Vásártér; Megyeri út; 8am-3pm).
- Viewing the wonders on exhibit at the Zsolnay Porcelain Museum and the Csontváry Museum in Pécs
- Sampling big, bold reds in the cellars of Villány
- Taking the waters in the beautiful forest swimming pool of Magyaregregy, or at the thermal baths in Harkány, Dombovar or Sikonda


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Nice hiking and biking in National Park, from cottage's door step. Authenticity. Many spa's and pools. Family run restaurants. City of Pécs les than 30 minutes and Budapest 1,5 hours. Do no need to leave area to have a great time.

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